Caviar Kristal
Caviar Kristal

Caviar Kristal

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Kristal Caviar from KAVIARI


A large fish which can exceed 80 kg in weight, originally from the Amur river (a natural border between China and Russia). It is now farmed in China in Qiandao Lake. It takes nearly 10 years for the females to produce their first eggs.

Color amber to golden dark.
Texture large rounded and compact grains, farmer than those of other species.
Grains medium to large (2.8 to 4 mm).
Taste rich and complex flavours, with almond at the finish. The preferred caviar of great chefs.


Jean-Marie Pinçon, president of the caviar taster club

“ Top chefs’ favourite caviar. Simply attractive and dark with flecks of grey. Its small size and gloss accompany a firm roundness and subtle flavour with an almond finish. The perfect enchanting and inviting companion to refined dishes”.


Caviar should ideally be consumed using a spoon made from mother of pearl or horn, never metal. It can be served on toasted bread, blinis, or simply by itself, an ideal way to fully appreciate its flavours. Enjoy the caviar in small quantities, letting the roe burst against your palate, releasing its delicate flavour. Serve 15-30g as an appetiser.

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