Caviar Transmontanus
Caviar Transmontanus

Caviar Transmontanus

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Transmontanus caviar from KAVIARI


In a wild state, this white sturgeon grew freely in the river of North America and could measure up to 4m! In a farm environment, it is limited to 1,5m. Its weight varies between 20 and 80kg.

Color charcoal black.
Texture creamy and buttery.
Grains small to medium (2 to 3mm).
Taste buttery flavours with notes of undergrowth. Subtle and meltingly soft fat.


Jean-Marie Pinçon, président du club des goûteurs de caviar

« Unusually large roe for this variety. This is the hallmark of Iranian artisans who came to Italy to share their knowledge. Its size does not compromise the smooth yet robust qualities of this young caviar. Lightly briny and mineral scents. Lingering notes of fresh walnuts delight the taste buds ».


Caviar should ideally be consumed using a spoon made from mother of pearl or horn, never metal. It can be served on toasted bread, blinis, or simply by itself, an ideal way to fully appreciate its flavours. Enjoy the caviar in small quantities, letting the roe burst against your palate, releasing its delicate flavour. Serve 15-30g as an appetiser.

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